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We are here with good news for Ertugural Ghazi’s fans as we have brought ER Whatsapp APK, which has been developed after getting inspiration from Ertugural’s character. We are all familiar with WhatsApp’s importance and use in this modern era. Every mobile user has WhatsApp installed on his device. If we talk about one of the most used apps, WhatsApp is one of them. However, there are some limitations to the original app. This modified version has been developed for those WhatsApp users who want to overcome these limitations and enjoy extra features. Let us look at what it is and what we can enjoy using this modified version more. 

About ER Whatsapp APK

ER Whatsapp Download APK is the modified version of the original Whatsapp that has been named after the famous Muslim leader Ertugural Ghazi after being inspired by his personality. Like the original version, it can text, send photos, videos, and audio notes, and make audio and video calls. You can also send and receive documents and other important files through it and You can add as many people as you like to your contact list. You can add people without any limit.

Despite containing all the features of the original version, there is a huge difference between both. Though the original version may be safer and more secure, this modified version has more customization and privacy options. You can perform many more functions using ER Whatsapp APK compared to the original Whatsapp. For example, this modified version has hundreds of new and exciting themes. Unlike the original app, users can change the theme whenever they want. You can apply as many themes as you like.

Apart from themes, this modified version provides some of the most fantastic privacy options absent in the original version. For example, if someone deletes a message before you read it in the original version, it disappears for you. You need help seeing what the message was. But using ER Whatsapp APK, you can even see the deleted messages. You can also hide blue ticks so others don’t know whether you have read their statement. In addition, you can also freeze this app to be offline even if your phone is connected to the internet. 

More About the App

ER Whatsapp Download APK has several additional features than the original version. Notably, it is well known for its privacy. You can hide typing or recording, hide your status from anyone, see others’ status without their acknowledgment, create backups, restore messages in case of loss, and schedule messages. This app contains hundreds of themes and allows you to create your own themes. It also makes you able to remove any theme that you don’t like.

Downloading this modified version on your smartphone means giving yourself complete freedom. This app helps you perform some extraordinary functions that were impossible in the original version. Though APK versions are usually unsafe and may cause data loss, ER Whatsapp APK is much better. Here in this app, you can create a backup of your chats, and in case something is deleted unintentionally, it can be restored from the backup data. GB WhatsApp APK stands out as the most practical and widely employed messaging application.

Features of ER Whatsapp APK

This modified version has come with lots of more features. Mainly, this new version is known for providing outstanding privacy options, which are as follows:

Hide Blue Ticks

This feature is also available in the original WhatsApp. By turning on the option to hide blue ticks in the original app, not only are your blue ticks hidden from others, but their blue ticks are also hidden from you. It would be best to find out whether others have read your messages. But this is not the case with ER Whatsapp Download APK. In this modified version, you can hide blue ticks from others without being unable to see the blue ticks of others. You can still see the blue ticks of others while hiding yours. 

Freeze Your Account

To show yourself offline while your mobile phone is connected to the internet, this modified version allows you to freeze your WhatsApp. By freezing your WhatsApp account, you can perform other online activities using your smartphone. This feature helps you to complete all the other activities without being disturbed.

Hide Your Story Views in ER Whatsapp APK

This feature is the same as hiding blue ticks. In the original version, if you hide your story view, you also don’t know who sees your story. Story views are blocked in both ways. However, in this modification, along with hiding your story views, you can still see who sees your stories. Others need to find out whether you have seen their stories, but you can see who has viewed them. 

Hide Recording or Typing

Unlike the original app, you can also hide your typing or recording. Others cannot see whether you are typing or recording something for them while you are in the act. You can surprise them with sudden messages. 

Custom Notifications

This amazing version also lets you set a separate notification for each contact. You can select a unique notification for your special contacts so that if a message pops up, you can know who has sent you the message, even without seeing it, by the type of notification. 

Schedule Messages

You can also schedule messages in this modified version. After typing the news, you can set a specific date or time. The messages will be sent automatically when the time comes. Till then, all the scheduled messages remain unsent. You can also change the schedule. 


That’s amazing! ER Whatsapp APK is unbelievable, with mind-blowing features. It has much more to offer for its users than its original version. However, as an APK, this application is unavailable in the Google Play Store. You need to download it as a third-party app. Therefore, you must download this APK file from a trusty site like ours. Still, you should use the original app if you do not need the additional privacy features. If you think you should enjoy these other features, you must download them by clicking on the link in this article. We, as usual, have brought the safest APK file for you. 

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