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07 Jul 2022
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Hello friends! Here we offer you a brilliant and mind-blowing puzzle game that almost everybody enjoys playing. We are sure that you wouldn’t have played such an amazing puzzle game in your life before. Granny 5 Days APK is the game that is going to steal the show. This game has outclassed all the other games of its genre, introducing the users to several new and unique features.

In fact, the game has changed the perspective of playing puzzle games. It has been described as one of the most valuable and worthy games for Androids. The gameplay not only puzzles the players but also creates feelings of terror by exposing them to unexpected and unpleasant situations. You can only get rid of these situations if you possess a sharp wit and an intelligent mind. Without wasting your time further, let’s discuss what the game is and how to play it. If you’re a fan of playing this games, you may want to check out Konoha Nights APK for an exciting experience.

What is Granny 5 APK?

It is the latest addition to puzzle games which need to be dealt with with a sharp and intelligent mind. As the game starts, you will find yourself trapped in an unknown and terrifying house that is full of puzzles. There will be a scary lady in the house known as Granny. Your task will be to escape the house as soon as possible, and for that purpose, you need to solve several puzzles. Remember, Granny, can create problems for you distracting you from solving these puzzles. You need to keep a critical eye on both; Granny and the puzzles in order to escape the house. Also, remember you only have five days to complete your task. If you fail to solve all the puzzles within five days, you will lose the game.

The room in which you are trapped is terrifying, and the old lady is very thrilling. They create terrifying and horror scenes in the game. To increase the horror scene in the game, you can select more annoying and irritating characters. You will be facing several problems in the game, and escaping the room will be the one and only solution to all these problems. 

The soon you escape the room, the more points you earn. On the other hand, the more you remain trapped in the room, the more you struggle in the game. 

As the house is very big, there will be several other rooms in the house. You cannot solve puzzles in Granny 5 APK without visiting all these rooms because every single room has a clue to solve puzzles. Furthermore, you also need to find out the keys to locked doors to enter other rooms. Through the game, always remember that Granny should not know what you are doing. She also will keep her eyes attentive all the time to have a critical examination of all your activities, but you need to be clever in doing all your work without acknowledging her. The moment she catches you, the game will be over.

More About the Granny 5 APK

Granny 5 APK is a brilliant addition to puzzle games. The game has five different levels, moving from the easiest to the hardest. This game demands its users to solve puzzles in a terrifying and unpleasant environment. It offers new challenges and difficulties for the players at every moment of the game. Only players with a high IQ level and abilities to handle difficult situations calmly can pass these levels. Players who deal with the situations intelligently and become successful in solving difficult tasks will be given handsome amounts of rewards in the game. 

Another amazing feature of the game is that it can be played alone as well as in teams. In online multiplayer mode, you can team up with any individual or even more than a single individual to increase the fun and thrill. Not only is the team-up option available, but anyone can also be challenged in this game to play against him. You can make online friends as well as rivals in the game by playing in teams with them or against them. This feature of the game is liked by many users, and they use to play in groups. They not only decide who their teammates will be but decide their rivalries as well. Along with playing the game, they enjoy talking and gossiping as if they are sitting all together. 

Furthermore, the game covers two different genres; horror and puzzle. Lovers of any genre can enjoy the game to the fullest. The irritating woman named Granny will always try to scare you in different ways. You will never feel comfortable until and unless you are in the sacred house. There will be a feeling of insecurity all the time that will never allow you to do anything comfortably. Every moment you will feel as if the situation is going to be the worst and you are going to be punished. That creates a real horror in the game, increasing your desire to escape the room and the house. But to escape, you need to find the secrets first and solve puzzles. In this way, the game combines the themes of both horror and puzzle so beautifully and aesthetically. 

Features of Granny 5 APK

Variety of puzzles

In every new step, you will be solving a new puzzle. You have to solve a large number of puzzles until you escape the house. Within the duration of 5 days, the game requires you to solve hundreds of puzzles through your logic, creativity, and visual skills.Panophobia APK, a similar game – let’s check it is a horror and adventure video game.

Multiple characters

The game contains a total of five characters in the form of grannies. These grannies vary in age as well as the level of difficulty they create. With each passing level, these grannies change along with their power and problem-creating ability. 

Various items and levels

In Granny 5 APK, you can unlock a large number of items as you keep progressing in the game. These items will help you build the personality of your character, including changing his hairstyle, clothes, and many more. With more availability of unlocked items, you can decorate your character according to your choice. With progress in the game, you can also unlock several more levels. 

Outstanding graphics

Whenever we bring a modded version, we bring it with outstanding graphics. As usual, we have brought the Granny 5 APK with some of the finest graphics. In addition to high graphics, 3D animations and effects have been used to give the game a realistic look.


Granny 5 APK is a perfect combination of horror and puzzle, containing themes of both genres. For the first time in history, a game has been developed that requires its players to deal with terrifying situations with a cool and calm mind. You will be solving puzzles in the game for the duration of 5 days. Stay focused, deal with the situations smartly, and take critical decisions to help yourself escape the dangerous house. This adventurous game is full of fun and thrill and is highly suggested for puzzle lovers. 

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