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Everyone who loves action games must know about GTA. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous action games of all time. When it comes to action games, GTA always stays on top. Thousands of versions of the game have come on the market already. All of these versions have been very famous and successful. The game has not only been the choice of gamers but also of developers as well. Every developer tries to come up with unique and different features to increase the fun. At the same time, we have brought GTA Motovlog APK, the latest addition to the famous game. Read the article to know what is new and unique in this latest version.Besides, GTA Mzansi APK may be worth checking out.

What is GTA Motovlog APK?

It is the modified version of GTA, the most famous action game for Androids. This latest version has been brought to the market after updating and adding several new features. The game has a unique and twisting story. There is a new beginning for the game character, who has to complete many tasks. Many new features have been added to the game to increase excitement. 

In this latest version, we have tried to fulfill all the gamers’ expectations. The developers have given their best to make it the best mode ever. The game occurs in the three biggest cities of San Andreas; Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. Characters can freely move in any of the mentioned cities. This game is becoming very famous, especially in Brazil, as some of the country’s main cities have been featured here. 

GTA Motovlog Mod APK revolves around a man who left Los SANTOS city many years ago. When he returns to the town, he experiences many illegal things there. He finds his family broken and his friends in danger. The city has changed and is occupied by millionaires who do whatever they want without thinking about the lower class of society.


Society has become corrupt and is occupied by gangsters. Many illegal things like smoking, drugs, corruption, and murder have become very common in the city. The lower class of society has been deprived of the mafias. The gangsters have explored them, and none of their rights is secured. It hurts him so much that he decides to bring changes to society.

First of all, he wants to take revenge for his mother’s death. It creates an alarming situation for his enemies. They try to resist and assassinate Carlos Johnson. They also turn all the authorities against him, making it hard for Johnson to complete his tasks. Carlos Johnson finds no other option than to go against the forces. He is so determined that he decides to fight against all of them until his death. It brings several difficulties in his life, making it very hard.

Now Carlos Johnson has only two options: surrender himself or fight until his tasks are completed. For him, the second one is the best option. So he decides to fight, even knowing it can be dangerous for his life. He is all set to sacrifice himself. Here comes your rule in the GTA Motovlog APK. You are supposed to help Johnson to complete his tasks. The police and his enemies will attack him regularly. It is your responsibility to protect him. If you fail to save Carlos Johnson and the police succeed in killing him, you will lose the game, and your level will be incomplete. Hence, keeping him alive until the tasks are completed is essential. Otherwise, you will lose and cannot qualify for the next level.

More about the game

Just after his return home, a twist comes into play in the game. As the powerful class of society does not want a revolution, they become the biggest hurdle. They try their best to stop Carlos Johnson, the game’s main character, from taking any action against them. They have also controlled the authorities. The police are searching for him and have been ordered to kill Carlos Johnson whenever they find him. To help Carlos Johnson complete his tasks by protecting him from the authorities is what this game is all about.

Apart from the most exciting story, the graphics used for the game are mind-blowing. Everything in the game resembles the daily life experience. All the characters, especially the character of Carlos Johnson, have been built so perfectly in the game that they give an impression of real men. While playing the game, you will feel like you are watching an action movie or series. 

What is New?

Hundreds of vehicles have been added in this latest version. New cars and bikes are available. The existing vehicles have also been upgraded. Their speed and precision have been increased. These vehicles have been assigned unbelievable control. They are more controlled than ever. Many new weapons have also been added to the game. Along with updating the previous weapons, the latest technology has been brought into the play as newly released weapons.

In addition, new maps, locations, moves, tricks, missions, and tasks have also been added to GTA Motovlog APK. There is more freedom in the game for the players. Moreover, this game has significantly improved graphics and animation. The game also has beautiful gestures. Overall, the game is much improved and more exciting than all the other versions of GTA.

Features of GTA Motovlog APK

  • More realistic graphics have been used in the game.
  • Perfect animation and gestures
  • New vehicles and weapons
  • Shooting has been improved
  • More freedom for the players to move on the field
  • Updated weapons
  • Several new tasks have been added
  • New locations and moves
  • Several new tricks and methods to protect your character from the forces
  • The latest technology has been used in the game in the form of weapons and vehicles
  • Free of cost
  • Easy to install and download 
  • Multi modes
  • Many more

Additional Features

  • Perfectly built animation
  • Fast and furious actions
  • Quick responses
  • Multilingual support
  • User-friendly environment
  • Dangerous fights
  • Ads free


There is no need to say anything about the famous GTA, as everyone knows the popularity and hype of the game already. Due to its popularity, many new game versions have been developed, and several new modes are still to come. In the long list of GTA versions, we added another brilliant and probably the best version of the game. This new version is known as GTA Motovlog APK. Within a short period, the game has got millions of installations. Many players have already moved to this latest version and are about to replace the previous versions with it also check out GTA RP APK

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