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Kipas Guys APK is the latest modified version of Stumble Guys, a famous arcade game. In addition to updating Stumble Guys’ features, several new features are included in this fantastic game version. You can enjoy the blistering features of the older game versions and experience several new and exciting features, including custom maps, cheats, and various other game parameters.

This is the best option if you are looking for the most exciting multiplayer arcade game. The gameplay is fantastic, and the themes and graphics are much improved. Stumble Guys Hack APK is, the alternate version of this APK. You can also download this and enjoy the game.

Kipas Guys APK

What is Kipas Guys APK?

It is the latest and the most recent updated version of the most popular arcade game Stumble Guys. Kipas Guys APK is a multiplayer and multi-mode game that enables 32 players to participate in a single match. Players from different backgrounds participate in the gameplay with each other via the Internet. 

It is a long and endless running game. This game provides many challenges making it hard for you to run smoothly. It will make you fall for several moments and have to stand again and start running. Giving up is not an option at any stage of the game.

The gameplay is much similar to that of Stumble Guys. You have to knock out all your opponents to win matches. Along with continuing your running, try to knock down your opponents. You can only win the game if you are the last one standing out of the 32 participants.

What’s New in Kipas Guys APK?

Kipas Guys APK is the extension of Stumble Guys APK and has similar gameplay. In addition to all the previous features, several new features have been added to make it even more appealing to users. Toggles and cheats have been added to this new version. 

This new version lets you choose any map and play any game level. However, you must win matches to move forward and play more difficult levels. Each win will push you one level ahead in the game. 

If you have yet to play the Stumble Guys APK, then it is suggested that you play that first before playing Kipas Guys APK. It will give you an idea of the game and helps you to play Kipas Guys more effectively.

Features of Kipas Guys APK

Characters Customization

Even though the game’s characters are not 3D, you can still make many changes. The default character of the game appears wearing a t-shirt and a hat. This is his appearance only for a while; you can make him look as you want. You can change his outfit, hairstyle, face colour, and more in the game. 

Online Game

This game is live and needs an active internet connection. Here you are going to compete with international players of high standards. All the matches are highly competitive. The game is online, so you can also live chat with other players. 

Several Challenges

The game is full of challenges and complex tasks. Kipas Guys APK checks your abilities at every step of the game, testing temperament and problem-solving strategies. You will move towards more complex and difficult challenges starting with the basics. Put, every next step will be more challenging than the previous ones. Swingers logs, collapsing bridges, and capturing flags are some of this game’s most complex challenges.

Amazing Graphics

Due to its excellent graphics, this game is a pleasure to the eyes. Many attractive and captivating colours have been used in the game to catch the users’ interest. It is the graphics that add extra excitement to the game.

Ads Free

In any online game, third-party ads distract users the most. Kipas Guys Mod APK blocks all third-party ads making it more enjoyable and flexible for the users. No one will find a distraction of no kind while playing this game. 

Other Mod Features

  • Automatically unlocked characters
  • Lots of content
  • Evolving gameplay
  • You can play soccer matches as well
  • Full of obstacles
  • Free to download

Latest Features of Kipas Guys APK

  • Dash your opponents with new tricks.
  • Run to cross your rivals.
  • Dodge obstacles
  • Play in multiplayer mode
  • Outstanding graphics
  • Colourful background
  • Multi-mode
  • Different levels of difficulty
  • Customization options
  • Full of entertainment
  • Many more.


A new version of Kipas Guys APK has been released after many modifications in the Stumble Guys APK. The primary purpose of this newly released version is to remove all the shortcomings of the previous versions of the arcade games. The Kipas Guys APK was created with consideration for all the needs and goals of arcade players. You should play this new version to experience the most recent updates to the arcade game.


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